Frontline Electrical Services is an authorized dealer for Centric Air Hous Fans

German Engineered

CentricAir whole house fans

CentricAir whole house fans are German engineered and use 1/3 less energy and provide 30% more power than other industry standard fans.

German engineered sealed fan motor, rated for 40,000 hours of operation.

Five blade, acoustically designed, precision balanced fan with wingtips makes for an ultra quiet operation

Heavy-duty fan guard for rigidity and safety

Heat resistant and sound absorbing, acoustic ducting contributes to a quiet operation.

High air flow grill allows 30% more airflow than standard grills

R-5 insulated damper with support brackets keep the damper off drywall.

Optional R-10 or R-50 cold weather damper powered by a commercial actuator rated for 60,000 cycles

15-year fan motor warranty

Timer & Temperature Control

Two Speed Wireless Remote

Wirelessly controls whole house fan using built-in timer or by temperature. Wireless remote sits on a bedroom table or used anywhere in the home. Improves Comfort and Energy Efficiency using Temperature Control. Never overcools the home and eliminates homeowner having to get up to adjust a timer. Never wastes energy because fan only runs when needed. Simple and Fast Installation – Eliminates wiring and installing a timer and speed control switch. Features plug and play connection.


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