Feeling fed up with having to look for flashlights every time the power goes out? Are you concerned about your freezer’s contents spoiling, your sump pump not working, or important medical equipment turning off? With Frontline Pro Services, you can relax. They offer professional home generator installation across North Bay. This local electrical crew is someone you can rely on to make sure your lights stay on, regardless of what the weather or the power grid does.

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Why a Whole Home Generator?

A whole home generator isn’t just a backup option; it’s putting money into living without interruptions. Picture this:

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Types of Generators We Install

We offer a range of home backup generator options:

Standby generators

Standby generators are a top pick among homeowners because they kick in automatically if the power goes out. With different sizes available, you can find one that matches your home’s electricity needs perfectly. They run on natural gas, propane, or diesel and usually start up within seconds after losing power, making sure your daily routine is hardly affected.

Whole-home generators

Just like the name implies, whole-house generators can keep your entire house powered up even when there’s a blackout. This way, you don’t have to stress over choosing which appliances to keep on – all your essentials like lights, fridge, heating system, and sump pump will continue working. These generators are usually hooked up to the natural gas line or propane tank at your home, offering an uninterrupted and automatic backup power source.

Portable generators

Portable generators are really handy for anyone looking for a temporary power solution or to keep certain devices running when there’s no electricity. They usually run on gasoline and you can put them pretty much anywhere you want. But, they’re not the best choice if you want to power your whole house because they don’t produce enough electricity and you have to keep filling them up with fuel by hand. Also, these generators make quite a bit of noise, so before picking one, it’s smart to check out the local rules about how loud things can be in your neighborhood.

Make sure your home always has power by getting a generator that can handle the whole house.

Call us at (800) 945-0268

Why Choose Frontline Pro for Your Generator?

Local Expertise

We’re more than just acquainted with the North Bay; we’re a piece of its community. With an understanding of our area’s distinct weather challenges, like harsh winds, wildfires, and even earthquakes, we can suggest a generator that’ll hold up against whatever conditions might come your way. On top of this, by keeping up with the constantly shifting electrical codes and permits needed in North Bay towns, we help you avoid wasting time and energy.


Our certified electricians don’t just have the right papers to work on generators; they’ve also got a ton of experience with everything related to your home’s electrical setup. With this knowledge, they’re equipped to tackle any challenge that comes up when putting in a new generator. This includes making sure it works perfectly with your current wiring and breaker box, as well as safely setting up the gas line if needed.


We take great pride in our 5-star ratings on Angi and the many happy customers we’ve served across the North Bay area. Making sure our customers are satisfied is something we don’t take lightly, and it shows through our dedication to doing quality work and providing top-notch service, which has earned us an outstanding reputation.


Your money is safe because we give you a full guarantee on the generator and the work we do to put it in. For extra comfort, we have options for longer warranties too. On top of that, our crew is always ready to help with any questions or support you need, even long after your generator has been set up.

Ready to Power Up Your Peace of Mind?

Before the next power outage catches you off guard, get in touch with Frontline Pro. We offer a no-cost consultation for home generators so you can enjoy continuous electricity without any interruptions.

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